Your destination for a metaphysical makeover


Clearing the throat chakra by speaking our peace

Metaphysical Makeover Podcast is the purrfect place for those confused on where to start with all of this spiritual stuff. 

Join me and guest mystical experts as we explore

  • WTF to do during a spiritual awakening
  • What crystals to use for what
  • Mediation how to's
  • Law of Attraction
  • Shadow work
  • Archangels and how to work with them
  • Healing energies you should use today!
  • Monthly Akashic Record Reading for the collective!

Episode 3

Animal communication with Denise Dunlavy

Learning what our fur-babies say to us may be easier than we think. Join me on this episode as Denise Dunlavy explains how she began intuitively communicating with animals.

Connect with her here:

Episode 2

Reiki and how it changed my life with Angie Pohren

Angie Pohren, owner of Strawberry Moon Reiki and my personal tipping point into the world of spirituality joins me to discuss all things metaphysical.
Angie shares how Reiki has helped her, and can help you.
To view Angie's services you can access them on under the "My Mystics" tab. 

Episode 1

Metaphysical Makeover

It's a aaallliiivvveee!!! (yelled in a mad scientist voice)

Explore how psychics, tarot readers, and energy healers do the mystical things that they do! This podcast introduces you to hidden strengths that we all hold and begins to show you how to tap into them. In the vibe of Halloween being tomorrow- let's get mystic!